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Lisa, the founder of Mystical Musical Angel, created Mystical Angel to help guide people through sadness, grief, and loss, both virtually and in person. After going through a difficult situation in her own life, Lisa learned how to grow from her experiences. She then decided to use this personal knowledge and empathy within her to help other people through hard times in their lives.

“You were brought here for a reason. If you are going through a point in your life where everything is beginning to shift, and you are feeling the need to have answers, or if you have had a loved one pass away and you are missing them, contact me to help guide you through your awakening.”



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Lisa was, like many of you, born with many gifts and attributes that were limited and shut down by society and negative energy. Therefore, taking the time to heal and actually go through an awakening process, although it may seem like a roller coaster full of ups and downs, is very important. This process helps you become who you are and who you were meant to be.

After experiencing something difficult, you are subconsciously giving yourself a chance to bring a whole new world and path by discovering the true best version of yourself. I am here to help guide you and lead you to recognize the best part of you. I am here to help you see how to be truly happy. I am here to help you feel free.

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